Marathon Key Area Guide

Emergency Information

Marathon Florida and Monroe County Emergency Service Information

Places of Worship

Places of Worship in Marathon Florida

Local Restaurants and Bars

Restaurants, Bars, Fast Food & More

Island Tiki Bars

Local Restaurants and Bar`s with that Florida Keys Island Style Tiki Feeling

Grocery, Liquor & Pharmacy

One of the nice things about our little 7 Mile long Island of Marathon is that you have all the conveniences of your home town located in close proximity to each other, which makes it really easy to get around :)

Activities and Attractions

The Islands of Marathon have numerous recreational activities and attractions on land and on the water. Here is a list of activities for all ages.

Out of Marathon - BUT COOL!

Some cool places to see out of the Marathon area. From Florida Keys history to beautiful butterflies, there is a full day of adventure and learning for everybody.

Diving/ Fishing Charters & Info

Fishing and Diving in Marathon is some of the best in the Florida Keys. Here are some of the local Fishing Charters and Dive shops, each offering a variety of options.

Beaches an Parks

Feel like staying on land, but want to get your toes wet, come visit one of our beautiful beaches. Pack a picnic lunch and a few beach towels and soak up the beautiful outdoors. There are also parks for the kids with playgrounds and picnic areas.

Rentals -Water Sports & More

Marathon Local Car, Boat, Motorcycle, Bicycle, Kayak, Jet Ski, and Paddle Board Rentals.

Community Services

Marathon Florida Local Community Services

Hotel`s - Extra Guest Lodging

Local Hotel & Motel Information for overflow guest or friends that want to visit.